1. According to the author of the article: exceeding of costs of the projects, no creation of appropriate jobs, high national debt, lack of transparency, and environmental degradation.

  1. I am a concerned Bhutanese citizen. From what I see the disadvantages in term of environmental impact far outweighs the Socio economic advantages. There is a need to seriously Re-Think the this Hydro Mess !!!

  2. It seems that the construction of Hydro Power Project does not land anywhere near the much hype’ Gyal-Yong ga kyid Pal dzom ‘ four slogans of Gross National Happiness of Bhutan.

    A table with four legs stand firm and strong
    but not with……………….. If one of the four principles of Gross National Happiness of Bhutan starts crumbling then the fate of the other principles ……..

    But I have the full faith on the wisdom of the Druk Gyalpo,Lyonpos etc that they will re-think on the on-going Hydro Power Projects.

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