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  1. The Kulong Chu Hydro-electric Project shows the same or similar issues. There was an environmental impact assessment report, but the quality of it was very poor. A lot of the information was copied from elsewhere and often wrong (e.g. only some 7 of the about 20 fish species mentioned in the EIA actually occur in the Kulong Chu). The issue of minimal environmental flow also comes up as it was set to 10% of the low winter flow, which is way too low. It should probably be at least 25% or 30% as specified in the water regulations which were issued after the DPR. But the main problem is that many of the staff in the project are not at all concerned about the environment. They look at reducing costs to increase profits. And then say that the environment will heal. Yes, but what regrows is not the same as before. And the trout will not swim up the Drangme Chu when they cannot swim up the Kulong Chu. There is an integrated river basin management plan written by the Watershed Management Division in collaboration with Trashiyangtse Dzongkhag and supported by WWF. Implementation of this plan will reduce the impact, but may require more manpower thant the Dzongkhag alone can manage.

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