Monthly Archives: جولائی 26, 2012

  • South Asia landslides ‘on the rise’

    جولائی 26, 2012

    Landslide disasters are growing in intensity and frequency across South Asia, driven by extreme rainfall, seismicity and unbridled development. Navin Singh Khadka reports.

  • Clinton urges Mekong nations to suspend dam

    جولائی 17, 2012

    The pressure on Laos over its plans to dam the lower Mekong mainstream intensified last week with the US secretary of state Hillary Clinton urging a delay and further study of Laos’ proposed US$3.5 billion Xayaburi Dam.

  • A briny future for Bangladesh

    جولائی 13, 2012

    Increasing salt water instruction is threatening crops, biodiversity, and the health of people living in Bangladesh, according to new research.

  • A Journey to Imja Lake

    جولائی 13, 2012

    A documentary by Anna Colom tells the story of how Sherpa in Nepal are already experiencing the effects of climate change in the Himalayas. Now available to watch online.

  • Tragedy for traditional herders

    جولائی 13, 2012

    Local dairy herders are losing their livelihoods as industrial farming booms in Inner Mongolia. Good news for big companies; bad news for local economies and the environment. Shu Ni reports.

  • Why big dams don’t work

    جولائی 11, 2012

    Yesterday, Mike Muller argued that China’s investment in dams is good news for Africa. Here, Lori Pottinger writes that large dams are costly and destructive, but Chinese experience in renewables still has a lot to offer.

  • China brings dams back to Africa

    جولائی 10, 2012

    Chinese investors have broken a boycott on investment in African dams – and loosened the grip of the environment lobby. This is good news for the continent, water expert Mike Muller tells Olivia Boyd.

  • Can Bhutan forge a new tourist path?

    جولائی 05, 2012

    The Himalayan kingdom, until now wary of holidaymakers, is hoping to boost visitor numbers without tarnishing its environmental record. Tashi Dorji reports.