• Living with the snow leopard

    October 23, 2015

    International Snow Leopard Day is being celebrated on October 23 with some good news for the endangered big cat of the high Himalayas and central Asia

  • Ladakhi villagers invent new ‘ice stupa’ water storage

    December 22, 2014

    Buddhist leaders and locals on the arid reaches of the Tibetan plateau are overcoming water shortages by building ‘ice stupas’ – artificial cones of ice that store water for crops to combat shrinking glaciers

  • Kashmir’s green shoots of ecotourism

    July 05, 2013

    Kashmir is struggling to develop a more sustainable form of tourism after the booming industry has turned the region’s lakes and rivers into sewers.

  • The iceman of Ladakh

    November 26, 2009

    Chewang Norphel has pioneered a simple method of creating artificial “glaciers” to irrigate farmland in high-altitude deserts. Athar Parvaiz reports from northwest India.