• A briny future for Bangladesh

    जुलाई 13, 2012

    Increasing salt water instruction is threatening crops, biodiversity, and the health of people living in Bangladesh, according to new research.

  • Guwahati’s black carbon accelerates glacier melt

    जुन 29, 2012

    High levels of black carbon pollution in the north-eastern Indian city of Guwahati is responsible for accelerating glacier melt in the Himalayas, according to new research by scientists.

  • Soot settles over the Himalayas

    जुन 29, 2012

    Black carbon is major health risk in the Himalayas and a key source of global warming. So why aren’t policymakers doing more to combat this dangerous pollutant, asks Joydeep Gupta.

  • Pollution in paradise

    मे 30, 2012

    The idyll of Kashmir is ill prepared for an influx of tourists, writes Athar Parvaiz from north-east India. Environmentalists fear the features that attract visitors could prove the region’s undoing.

  • Back in the flow

    जुलाई 27, 2011

    China’s polluted, drought-ridden Yellow River once struggled to reach the sea. Now the “mother river” is being restored to health, writes Jonathan Watts, but for many the benefits remain to be seen.