• Donors rediscover large-scale infrastructure

    मे 29, 2012

    The World Bank, the G20 and other multilateral groups have renewed their focus on funding large-scale infrastructure, ignoring lessons of the past, a new report by International Rivers warns.

  • Earthquake hazards and large dams in western China

    अप्रील 05, 2012

    A study published in April 2012 by Probe International finds that large dams being built in western China could trigger disaster — earthquakes, even tsunamis — due to their construction in seismic hazard zones.

  • Murky borders

    अप्रील 03, 2012

    In the second of two articles about Sino-Burmese business, Yang Meng travels to the resource-rich borderlands, where everyone from wealthy jade merchants to ethnic nationalists is vying for advantage.

  • Bankrolling change

    मे 24, 2010

    China’s investment in developing-world infrastructure is a good thing, since it liberates many poor countries from unreasonable requirements set by western financing agencies, argues John Briscoe, kicking off a week-long series on dam construction.