• No import of GM crops without more studies

    अक्टोबर 07, 2012

    What are the socioeconomic risks of importing living modified organisms (LMO) into a country? At the United Nations meeting on biosafety, governments decided it’s too early to make a decision.

  • Wetlands of international importance designated in Bhutan

    अक्टोबर 07, 2012

    Just a few weeks before the UN Convention on Biological Diversity was scheduled to start its summit in neighbouring India, Bhutan designated its first two wetlands of international importance under the Ramsar Convention

  • No agreement, some hope as Rio+20 starts

    जुन 13, 2012

    The largest international gathering of them all got underway in Rio de Janeiro this Wednesday June 13 with no agreement on how the world could be made more liveable and sustainable at the same time.

  • Mountain biodiversity: conservation and management

    मे 03, 2012

    This publication presents 15 case studies case studies from the Hindu Kush-Himalayan region on initiatives dealing with mountain biodiversity (such as the snow leopard, Acer pentaphyllum, and Himalayan golden mahseer). Published in 2012 by ICIMOD.  

  • Life on the roof of the world

    अप्रील 16, 2012

    Yang Xiaohong and Fang Qianhua, winners of the “best science report” category at the 2012 China Environmental Press Awards, spent a month with scientists tracking species in the Everest Nature Reserve.chinadialogue features a slideshow of their photos. Two journalists from Southern Metropolis Daily, Yang Xiaohong and Fang Qianhua, accompanied a scientific expedition for more than a month in Tibet, […]