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  • Is it time to drop legally binding climate targets?

    As the IPCC releases its latest round of reports, proposals for a more flexible climate regime are gaining popularity

    Posted 15 Apr 2014 in लेखहरु
  • China faces flooding crisis as natural disasters triple in 30 years

    China is feeling the force of a global rise in natural disasters, as a surge in flooding brings malaria, snail-borne diseases and more, Debarati Guha-Sapir tells chinadialogue.

    Posted 03 Jan 2013 in लेखहरु
  • China brings dams back to Africa

    Chinese investors have broken a boycott on investment in African dams – and loosened the grip of the environment lobby. This is good news for the continent, water expert Mike Muller tells Olivia Boyd.

    Posted 10 Jul 2012 in लेखहरु
  • New species in the Mekong

    This “cricket chirping” frog was unknown to humans until last year – and even then it was almost overlooked as scientists exploring the Quang Nam Province of Vietnam were so convinced its faint rasping noise was coming from an insect.

    Posted 26 Oct 2010 in Blogs
  • Policy in motion

    In his new book, R Edward Grumbine explores the tangled relationship between conservation and development in China. Here, he talks to Olivia Boyd about the dam-building freeze on the Nu River and other lessons from Yunnan.

    Posted 13 Jul 2010 in लेखहरु
  • A new approach to the Third Pole

    The UK government’s chief scientific advisor, John Beddington, praised chinadialogue and partners’ new report on the vulnerabilities of the Third Pole region as an “excellent example of a bridge between policy and science” at an event to mark the study’s release at the House of Lords last night.

    Posted 20 May 2010 in Blogs