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  • सैनिक गतिविधिका कारण कश्मीरको चरन क्षेत्र नष्ट

    कश्मीरको ग्रीष्मकालीन राजधानी श्रीनगरबाट ७० माइल पश्चिममा पर्ने चरन क्षेत्र भारतीय सेनाको तालिम केन्द्र भएका कारण भेडागोठाला र पशुका लागि जोखिमपूर्ण बनेको छ

    Posted 16 जून 2014 in Uncategorized
  • Women climbers of the Himalayas

    India’s leading female mountaineer and economist will set up a network of Himalayan climbing clubs to encourage more women to get involved in business and conservation

    Posted 07 मार्च 2014 in Blogs
  • Climate change confuses Kashmir’s farmers

    Faced with increasing frequency of droughts, and with irrigation facilities available to less than half the farms, rice farmers in Kashmir are wondering how to deal with water shortage.

    Posted 11 अप्रि 2013 in लेखहरु
  • Pollution in paradise

    The idyll of Kashmir is ill prepared for an influx of tourists, writes Athar Parvaiz from north-east India. Environmentalists fear the features that attract visitors could prove the region’s undoing.

    Posted 30 मे 2012 in लेखहरु
  • Another water battle looming

    Pakistan is gearing up for a new fight with India, reports Athar Parvaiz from Ladakh. At the centre of the latest row is a dam funded by international efforts to tackle global warming.

    Posted 23 मार्च 2012 in लेखहरु
  • Kashmir’s urban jungle

    Unbridled urban development is destroying Kashmir’s precious wetlands and government apathy is to blame, writes Athar Parvaiz from northern India.

    Posted 20 अप्रि 2011 in लेखहरु
  • Water wager

    India and Pakistan are locking horns over dam projects in a race to secure priority water rights on the Indus River. Athar Parvaiz reports from Kashmir.

    Posted 23 मार्च 2011 in लेखहरु
  • Fragile adaptation in Ladakh

    Destructive floods have led farmers to question their ability to survive in the arid reaches of the Himalayas. Athar Parvaiz reports from north-west India.

    Posted 15 नोभे 2010 in लेखहरु