माफ गर्नुहोस्, यो नेपालीमा उपलव्ध छैन।


  1. Krishnamurthy |

    Great. Cheers to IIT, Madras and its scientists team. India should quickly patent this feat, before the Americans usurp the credit.

  2. Madhav Das |

    In the light of this article I think it will take less than a year for the same team at IIT-M to develop a nano filter to remove salt and other impurities from sea water to make fresh water.
    This filter for purifying sea water will elevate the inventor to near Godlike stature. Can you imagine the benefit to man from this one invention and If he decides to use it for the benefit of mankind by sharing the technology it will establish India as the fount of all goodness.

  3. Er. R.Choudhury, ME;MIE;MIWWA. |

    Really superb. This will help the engineer responsible for supplying safe drinking water to particularly rural mass of India. I am basically a civil engineer and did my PG in hydrodynamics, and presently working in PHED, Assam. Ground water in many habitations of the State is having arsenic content much beyond the permissible limit. I would like to know more about the topic. Being involved in supplying safe drinking water to rural mass of Assam, I do belief that this nanotechnology shall be able to do magic instead of going for high cost super technology.

  4. Excellent innovation by the IIT-M Team, Arsenic is a Hard metal that is dissolved in the water and it very harmful. I am also in the field of water purifiers and the cost of RO technology is very high when compared with the arsenic filter that is using nanofiltration technology. Hope these innovative product is available to all Indians.

    1. Dr. M. A. R. Iyengar |

      I am a retired scientist from DAE, and I am happy to share with you that I have developed successfully a heavy metal purifier technology, which is highly efficient for Arsenic removal in drinking waters, besides for other toxic metals like Lead, copper, cadmium etc. This technology has been transferred to M/s Eureka Forbes , a market leader in domestic water purifier segment in India, who has been marketing this cartridge attachment, called Miracle , all over them country. Incidentally this unit can be operated even in the absence of power supply., to meet the rural requirements, where the problem is acute. See website http://www.eurekaforbes.com for more details.
      Dr. M. A. R. Iyengar

    2. Bhushan B.Barve |

      Yes,lot of villages need such type of plants,All rural areas Gram-Panchayats must installed these types of plants and somebody should do such type of social work.Really will get blessings of lot of poor people.This is my sincere request to all concerned.

  5. Same problem is here in arid region Tharparkar Pakistan. where underground water is highly contaminated with excess of arsenic, fluorides, chlorides,TDS etc. more than 85% underground water is not worth for drinking. so, this technology can help in this regards.

  6. What a wonderful innovation by IIT-M Team! Simply commendable to say the least. I think our young researchers and scientist have all the potential to innovate things that are going to help our citizens, however they lack the support from the government.

  7. Bhushan B.Barve |

    We need water purification or filteration plant for my village SHIRGAON, RATNAGIRI – District, Maharashtra state.We need to put up 2 plants for 2 tanks having capacity of 1,00,000 Ltrs and 1,50,000 Ltrs.to filter contaminated river water Pl. Let me know any individual or N.G.O. who can help us or guide us to make such a plant at min. cost.Looking forward for favourable reply.
    Thanks and regards,
    Bhushan B.Barve. Mo no 91-9869633336

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