Monthly Archives: डिसेम्बर 07, 2011

  • As climate talks stall, momentum for change?

    डिसेम्बर 07, 2011

    Solar-powered LED street lighting in China’s Guiyang community, huge solar panels in India’s Rajasthan desert, projects to improve energy efficiency in South Africa – all have one thing in common.

  • BASIC countries put new life in climate talks

    डिसेम्बर 06, 2011

    China has put new life into stalemated climate talks by agreeing to take on legally binding targets to reduce its greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions after 2020.

  • Mixed picture from world’s report card

    डिसेम्बर 05, 2011

    It is now almost 20 years since the Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro, when governments around the world agreed that they must combat climate change, preserve the world’s biodiversity and limit damage to soils.

  • Pakistan worst hit by climate change in 2010

    डिसेम्बर 05, 2011

    Pakistan, Guatemala, Colombia and Russia, in that order, were the countries worst affected by climate change in 2010, according to the Global Climate Risk Index 2012 prepared by the think tank Germanwatch.

  • Mountain woes brought to climate summit

    डिसेम्बर 05, 2011

    Mountains provide half the world’s fresh water. They regulate the weather, preserve more plants and animals than any other place and provide the soil needed to farm the plains below.