The First Five (of Ten) Maps for the Third Pole

Below are a selection of 5 maps for review as it has been an issue to access the Trello account. Each of these maps will have a legend describing what needs to be included but there are changes to be made. 

Hindu Kush Himalaya

This map in based entirely on information from ICIMOD. It focused on the area they define as the Hindu Kush Himalaya region and is a good base map for a number of stories focused on mountain regions. 

Water Cycle

This map includes basin boundaries and a base map that includes glaciers. It is designed to be a expanded upon with basin level analysis from new data sources. For example, we have sourced a desertification map that shows how issues cut across or are defined by certain basins. I think we need to do more with the basin indexes from WRI. 

Water Infrastructure

This map is primarily focused on hydropower plants but it does also include canals. Take a look at Cambodia and Pakistan for more on the canals. We also have bridges but we have not included them due to potential issues that should be discussed. . 


While not a major topic for the Third Pole currently, the intersection of protected areas, deforestation, and population density are real and could provide good background for rural and mountain issues. 


This map is the one in most need of a legend (we have one, don't worry) but it is showing types of agriculture and how they are watered (rain-fed or irrigated). We also have livestock density and population. The livestock one needs to be clipped to coastlines to be useful.