• Centre for Science and Environment

    मई 19, 2012

    Centre for Science and Environment is a Dehli based research and advoacy institute that has done a lot of work on rainwater harvesting in both rural and urban contexts. There are a number of urban success stories, such as in Chennai and Bangalore, that are worth emulating elsewhere in the region.

  • A yam between two rocks

    मई 15, 2012

    Beijing and New Delhi are competing for influence in Nepal. Navin Singh Khadka asks how this rivalry will shape the country’s hydropower policies.

  • Dialogue of the deaf

    अप्रैल 09, 2012

    Civil society is up in arms over plans to turn north-east India into a hydroelectric powerhouse. But a lack of data on ecological and cultural impacts is stalling the debate, writes Teresa Rehman

  • Fighting India’s mega-dams

    मार्च 09, 2012

    Popular protests against the construction of a vast network of dams in the Brahmaputra valley have gathered impressive momentum. Tanmoy Sharma reports from Assam.

  • Back in the flow

    जुलाई 27, 2011

    China’s polluted, drought-ridden Yellow River once struggled to reach the sea. Now the “mother river” is being restored to health, writes Jonathan Watts, but for many the benefits remain to be seen.

  • CEOP-AGIS hydrological monitoring project

    जुलाई 15, 2011

    http://ceop-aegis.u-strasbg.fr/modx/ An international cooperation project between Europe and Asia to improve knowledge on hydrology and meteorology of the Tibetan Plateau and its role in climate, monsoon and extreme meteorological events. It is funded by the European Commission

  • Diversion debate

    जून 13, 2011

    The zeal for engineering China’s rivers continues unabated among hydrologists. But will the latest proposal – to move water from Tibet to Xinjiang – get the backing of the authorities? Zhang Ke reports.

  • Water wager

    मार्च 23, 2011

    India and Pakistan are locking horns over dam projects in a race to secure priority water rights on the Indus River. Athar Parvaiz reports from Kashmir.

  • At fault on the Nu River

    मार्च 22, 2011

    As China gears up for a hydropower push in its earthquake-prone south-west, it should pause to consider events in Japan, two geologists tell Liu Jianqiang on World Water Day.

  • Hydropower’s green excuse

    फ़रवरी 14, 2011

    Seven years ago, public pressure brought plans to dam China’s Nu River to a halt. But top officials, bolstered by clean-energy targets, are backing the scheme once again, reports Meng Si.