• हिमाचल प्रदेश के ‘डर्टी हाइड्रो’

    दिसम्बर 13, 2016

    जोखिम भरी बांध परियोजनाएं कैसे पूरे हिमालयी क्षेत्र को असुरक्षित बना रही हैं, इसको लेकर हिमधारा से मानशी अशर ने www.thethirdpole.net से चर्चा की। प्रस्तुत है पूरी बातचीत।

  • फसल ही नहीं, तो उत्सव कैसे मनाएंगे?

    दिसम्बर 12, 2016

    मणिपुर के ग्रामीणों ने बांधों की वजह से क्या-क्या परेशानियां उठाई हैं, विस्तार से बता रहे हैं एक एक्टिविस्ट के तौर पर उनका सामना करने वाले डोमिनिक ह्यूमी काशुंग

  • US turns back the clock on dam-building

    जनवरी 17, 2014

    Dams across the US are being decommissioned and rivers restored to their natural flow. Scientists are learning that tearing down the barriers is just the first step in returning a river to health

  • Why big dams don’t work

    जुलाई 11, 2012

    Yesterday, Mike Muller argued that China’s investment in dams is good news for Africa. Here, Lori Pottinger writes that large dams are costly and destructive, but Chinese experience in renewables still has a lot to offer.

  • Donors rediscover large-scale infrastructure

    मई 29, 2012

    The World Bank, the G20 and other multilateral groups have renewed their focus on funding large-scale infrastructure, ignoring lessons of the past, a new report by International Rivers warns.

  • Earthquake hazards and large dams in western China

    अप्रैल 05, 2012

    A study published in April 2012 by Probe International finds that large dams being built in western China could trigger disaster — earthquakes, even tsunamis — due to their construction in seismic hazard zones.

  • Murky borders

    अप्रैल 03, 2012

    In the second of two articles about Sino-Burmese business, Yang Meng travels to the resource-rich borderlands, where everyone from wealthy jade merchants to ethnic nationalists is vying for advantage.