ब्रम्हपुत्र वेसिन

  • Dialogue of the deaf

    अप्रैल 09, 2012

    Civil society is up in arms over plans to turn north-east India into a hydroelectric powerhouse. But a lack of data on ecological and cultural impacts is stalling the debate, writes Teresa Rehman

  • Bangladesh Institute of Peace and Security Studies

    सितम्बर 23, 2011

    The Bangladesh Institute of Peace and Security Studies has launched a major research project on water scarcity in Bangladesh and South Asia. The project will promote information-sharing on water between Bangladesh, India and Nepal and is supported by the Norwegian government.

  • Brahmatwinn Project

    जुलाई 10, 2009

    A European Union funded project, the Brahmatwinn Project twins European and South Asian river basins to enhance capacity and implement adaptive management approaches.