[:en]Biodiversity[:ne]जैविक विविधता[:hi]जैविक विविधता[:bn]জীববৈচিত্র্য[:ur]حیاتی ماحول [:]

Articles conservation and loss of animals and plants, including forests, wetlands and permafrost degradation

  • Tiger numbers increase in Bhutan

    March 18, 2019

    As the world tries to double tiger number from where it was in 2010, Bhutan’s increase in tiger numbers shows that at least one country is doing well in this regard

  • Photo feature: Nepal’s bird paradise

    March 15, 2019

    The Jagdishpur Lake in Nepal is the country’s largest bird habitat, hosting rare and fascinating species from the country and migratory birds travelling from China, Central Asia, and Russia

  • Requiem for a people’s river

    March 05, 2019

    The documentary film, Ho Gayi Hai Pir Parvat Si, puts the voices of the people of Himachal Pradesh, where the Sutlej River is being dammed by hydropower projects, front and centre

  • Lessons for the Himalayas from a dead mouse

    February 22, 2019

    The extinction of a tiny rodent should serve as a warning for the Himalayan region, which is facing massive ecosystem changes, and also offer lessons on what could be done to save biodiversity

  • Review: The river rebels of the Mekong

    February 18, 2019

    In his compelling book, “Last Days of the Mighty Mekong”, Brian Eyler travels down the river, meeting the rebels trying to save it from destruction

  • Brahmaputra wetlands in Assam drying up

    February 13, 2019

    A new survey found waterfowl numbers are dropping in Kaziranga national park – the world-famous home of the one-horned rhino – due to climate change and human activity

  • Khai: A gift from the Ou River

    January 31, 2019

    A cascade of dams is changing the river’s ecology and threatening riverweed – a traditional source of food in northern Laos