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  • Mangrove forest saves Bengal from Cyclone Bulbul

    November 12, 2019

    The Sundarbans absorbed the fury of the cyclone to save West Bengal and Bangladesh, but was badly damaged in the process, while the India Meteorological Department earned praise for its accurate updates

  • Climate refugees stripped of citizenship in Assam

    November 08, 2019

    Of the many people struggling to prove their citizenship in the Indian state of Assam are thousands of climate refugees who have been displaced because their lands have been swept away by erosion or floods

  • Rescuing Lahore and Delhi

    November 04, 2019

    The challenge of dealing with air pollution in the large South Asian cities will not be easy or quick, but we can learn from examples of success from other places, argues Kulsum Ahmed

  • Video: The voices no longer drowned by the Kosi

    October 18, 2019

    Floods and misery have long been the experience of the poor living along the Kosi river that flows from Nepal to India, but now a new dialogue process is allowing them to share their experiences and look for solutions

  • Way forward from the UNCCD COP 14

    October 15, 2019

    Steps need to be taken urgently to implement insights on land degradation, drought management, and sustainable agriculture at COP14, or they will remain unimplemented

  • Kashmir communications ban hits key climate studies

    October 11, 2019

    Research on alpine forestry and below-ground carbon sequestration in the Himalayas – an area with a severe dearth of data – suffers as a communications blackout is imposed on the region