• Bringing the mountain to the world’s attention

    December 11, 2019

    On the International Day of the Mountains, Jayanta Bandyopadhyay, one of the people responsible for putting the issue on the global agenda, tells us about how the neglect of the mountains is being overcome

  • No money for climate loss and damage

    December 10, 2019

    Even six years after the Warsaw International Mechanism for Loss and Damage was established, there is little hope for getting funding for climate disasters

  • No appetite to pay to stop global warming

    December 02, 2019

    As the annual UN climate summit opens in Madrid, who will pay how much for greenhouse gas emissions remains the main stumbling block, leaving developing countries without resources

  • What happened to the BRICS bank?

    November 18, 2019

    Five years after its creation, the New Development Bank, or BRICS bank, hasn’t lived up to grand early promise — but things could change

  • Leave ‘em laughing instead of crying

    October 30, 2019

    Humour may be a way to deal with the depressing nature of the climate crisis while still informing the audience, argues Maxwell Boykoff

  • Way forward from the UNCCD COP 14

    October 15, 2019

    Steps need to be taken urgently to implement insights on land degradation, drought management, and sustainable agriculture at COP14, or they will remain unimplemented