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The Third Pole is currently seeking pitches for paid commissions from journalists in South, Central and Southeast Asia. We aim to use on-the-ground reporting and transboundary perspectives to produce outstanding coverage of environmental problems and responses to them across the region.

The Third Pole’s geographic focus

The Third Pole’s coverage focuses on the Hindu Kush Himalayan region, Central Asia and the basins of rivers which originate in the Himalayas, from the Indus Delta in Pakistan to the Mekong Delta in Vietnam. Explore our coverage by country and by river basin.

Topics of interest for 2022

Our commissioning will focus on four major themes in 2022, including overlap and intersections between these themes.

1. Climate change

Areas of particular interest include:

  • impacts on water availability and the water cycle
  • connections between water, energy and food
  • monsoon impacts
  • health and climate change, including summer heatwaves
  • climate change-induced migration
  • climate change-induced disasters, including GLOFs and other floods
  • climate policy, including progress in implementing NDCs
  • energy transition and renewable energy
  • successful and scalable examples of climate adaptation

2. Water

Areas of particular interest include:

  • threats to and management of transboundary rivers
  • the impacts of climate change on water
  • water scarcity
  • impacts on other sectors, including food and land use

3. Nature/Biodiversity

Areas of particular interest include:

  • CBD COP15
  • wildlife trafficking
  • extinction threats and examples of successful conservation
  • access and benefit sharing
  • protected areas: exclusionary conservation versus community participation
  • the intersection of climate and nature-based solutions

4. Pollution of air, water and soil

Reporting should illuminate causes and impacts rather than simply reporting the phenomenon. We are particularly interested in transboundary stories.


The Third Pole publishes in English, Hindi, Urdu, Bengali, Nepali and Russian. Pitches in English are preferred, but we will consider submissions in any of our publishing languages.

How to pitch to The Third Pole

The pitch should clearly summarise the focus of the story, highlighting what is new and interesting and how it fits into The Third Pole’s geographic and thematic areas of focus.

It should also identify some sources you would draw upon for the story, including data where required to back up assertions and links made, and potential interviewees, with the aim of gender parity in sources and interviews.

Suggestions for multimedia elements, including photographs, illustrations and infographics, are welcome.

We encourage journalists to use our template pitch form.

Pitches should be sent to [email protected]net.

Submissions from non-journalists

We also welcome contributions from academics, experts, policymakers, activists and concerned citizens.

However, first read the following guidelines:

  • Please try to keep your article length to below 1,000 words in English
  • Submissions should focus on the geographical area and topics outlined above
  • Please read the website to familiarise yourself with our style. Bear in mind that The Third Pole is read all over the world. When you write your article, think of the reader who may not be familiar with local or specialist references and remember to provide a short explanation, or a link to a site where an explanation may be found
  • Please supply us with further links that provide context, explanation or further reading, but do not include footnotes
  • Please supply us with a few lines of your own biography.

See here for more information and guidance for contributors to The Third Pole.

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