• Toolkits to deal with Asian droughts

    September 23, 2019

    As severe multi-year droughts blight Asia, organisations are coming together to create toolkits and response mechanisms to deal with the crisis

  • One law to rule India’s rivers

    September 20, 2019

    As the Indian government pushes a law that would further centralise water management under its power, state governments and water activists protest

  • Pakistanis are marching to combat climate change

    September 19, 2019

    As students and climate activists get ready to march for the climate in Pakistan, Atika Rehman finds out why Pakistanis find it impossible to ignore climate change impacts any longer

  • A barrage to save, or doom, the Indus delta

    September 18, 2019

    Pakistani authorities say construction of a barrage will address key water issues, but there have been no local consultations, and experts fear that it will only add to the problems in the Indus delta

  • In the wake of Hurricane Dorian

    September 16, 2019

    Hurricane Dorian was one of the most powerful hurricanes ever measured in the Atlantic, and left behind devastation in its wake

  • Save land to fight climate change

    September 14, 2019

    Ecosystem restoration and land-based solutions must segue into actions to stem biodiversity loss and restrain runaway global warming, the United Nations desertification summit held at New Delhi said in its closing declaration

  • The Thar desert blooms in Pakistan

    September 13, 2019

    Receiving a good amount of rainfall after many years, the Thar desert is in full bloom in Pakistan’s Sindh province

  • Climate change resilience needs investment now

    September 11, 2019

    As the world inches inexorably towards irreversible climate change, investing $1.8 trillion globally in the next 10 years in adaptation measures could fetch benefits worth $7 trillion