On the sixtieth anniversary of Sir Edmund Hillary’s first successful summit up Mount Everest, Microsoft has teamed up with GlacierWorks, to launch Everest: Rivers of Ice, an interactive website that lets you explore the areas around the world’s tallest mountain.

430 glacier

Glaciers on or around Everest have shrunk 13% in 50 years, says new research

David Breashears, a mountaineer and filmmaker who has climbed Everest five times, founded GlacierWorks as a non-profit educational organisation that illustrates the changes to Himalayan glaciers through art, science, and adventure.

Rivers of Ice contains gigapixel panoramas that allow visitors to navigate their way from the bottom of the mountain all the way to the top, following the footsteps of past climbers.

It also includes comparative photos to reveal the drastic changes that have befallen the glaciers.

Explore Everest: Rivers of Ice for yourself…

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