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  • Varanasi sewerage

    Drinking sewage in Varanasi

    Leaky old pipes and a poisoned Ganga mean Varanasi residents fall prey to stomach ailments far too often; the eternal city is now pinning its faith on a central scheme

    Posted 12 Oct 2015 in Articles
  • PM Modi’s constituency battles air pollution

    The promise of being a VIP constituency had led to hopes of a cleaner Varanasi, but people in this ancient city are battling increasingly high levels of air pollution and resultant problems such as asthma

    Posted 02 Jul 2015 in Articles
  • Varanasi water pollution

    Ganga reduced to sludge in Varanasi

    Despite the Indian government’s lofty plans, the water in the Ganga as it flows through Varanasi has reduced to a sluggish crawl with unacceptably high level of pollutants and untreated sewage

    Posted 01 Jul 2015 in Articles