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  • EcoHealth summit: Asia to be source of next global pandemic?

    More than 450 people from 62 countries have gathered in Yunnan to thrash out ways of tackling new challenges to human health.

    Posted 16 Oct 2012 in Blogs
  • Mekong at the crossroads

    Commotion is growing over a planned dam on the Mekong River. As the deadline for a decision on the project approaches, R Edward Grumbine and Xu Jianchu urge governments to support a construction freeze.

    Posted 18 Apr 2011 in Articles
  • End of the frontier

    China’s Go West campaign is launching Yunnan into the global economy, but new infrastructure carries an ecological price tag. R Edward Grumbine reports on the green dynamics of a rural transformation.

    Posted 12 Jul 2010 in Articles