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  • The fate of people displaced by the Mekong dams

    Farmers resettled to make way for dams along the upper Mekong, in Yunnan province, are demanding higher compensation and protection of their rights

    Posted 13 Nov 2013 in Articles
  • xiaohe villagers, whose lives have been affected by Mekong dams. (Image by International Rivers)

    Life in the shadow of the Mekong dams

    Meng Si spoke to the villagers of Xiaohe who lost their land to a hydropower company decades ago and are still waiting for compensation

    Posted 13 Nov 2013 in Articles
  • Organic farming takes root in Nepal

    Organic agriculture is growing in Nepal as a way to help farmers adapt to climate change. But the country is still struggling to transform its way of farming

    Posted 10 Jul 2013 in Articles
  • Hydropower’s green excuse

    Seven years ago, public pressure brought plans to dam China’s Nu River to a halt. But top officials, bolstered by clean-energy targets, are backing the scheme once again, reports Meng Si.

    Posted 14 Feb 2011 in Articles
  • Sandstorms on the plateau

    Human activity is accelerating the desertification of the Qinghai-Tibet plateau. Now a major source of water for Asia, the Qinghai-Tibet plateau may well become one of the world’s major sources of sand in the future, Shanghai Morning Post’s Ge Zhihao reports.

    Posted 16 Nov 2010 in Blogs