Monthly Archives: July 27, 2011

  • Back in the flow

    July 27, 2011

    China’s polluted, drought-ridden Yellow River once struggled to reach the sea. Now the “mother river” is being restored to health, writes Jonathan Watts, but for many the benefits remain to be seen.

  • Averting climate conflict

    July 21, 2011

    This week, the UN Security Council met to debate the risks of climate change. Now is the time to shift our focus from direct environmental impacts to broader threats at a local level, writes Janani Vivekananda. In March 2007, the United Kingdom took the landmark step of putting the issue of climate change as a priority security risk […]

  • CEOP-AGIS hydrological monitoring project

    July 15, 2011 An international cooperation project between Europe and Asia to improve knowledge on hydrology and meteorology of the Tibetan Plateau and its role in climate, monsoon and extreme meteorological events. It is funded by the European Commission

  • Militarising climate change

    July 04, 2011

    Armed forces must join the fight against climate change, believes Major General Muniruzzaman. Here, the Bangladeshi strategist tells Isabel Hilton why Major General Muniruzzaman is the president of the Bangladesh Institute of Peace and Security Studies in Dhaka. He has served as a senior officer of the Bangladesh Army and as an international peacekeeper with the United Nations and […]